How do I begin a relationship with God? What does it even mean to have a relationship with God?

Look through the resource: Would you like to know God personally? It explains what it means to know God personally and how to begin a relationship with God through Christ.

If you make a decision to receive Christ into your life, be sure to fill out our 30-second questionnaire and let us know, so that we can follow up with you!

I just began a relationship with God or I want to train someone who just began a relationship with God. Where can I find some training on the basics?

These studies are great for that. They walk through a passage in the Bible and ask basic questions about the text:

1) Stepping from Uncertainty to Confidence

2) Stepping from feelings of Unworthiness to Forgiveness

3) Stepping from being Unable to being Empowered

4) Stepping from being Unprepared to Equipped

5) Stepping from being Undeveloped to Maturity

Where can I find resources for reaching out to teammates and athletic ministry?

Start here: AIA Resources

Or here is a series of 16 Bible Studies that you can use for a small group study: The Hurdles

Struggling as an athlete in your sport, life, or relationship with God?

Hear real life stories from other athletes at

Does God exist? How do I know that Jesus really rose from the dead? Other intellectual questions?

Check out the website LeaderU which deals with these difficult questions from a Christian scholarly point of view.

Questions about:

Sex? See this Sex Bible Study.

Living by the power of the Spirit? See Satisfied.

Evangelism? See the Cojourners Training Series.

Spending time with God? See this Quiet Time Guide.

The Bible as the Word of God? See this Word of God Study.

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